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I am pleased to share my podcast interview with Frank Moore, one of the best episodes of the podcast year.  Frank shares his amazing 95 years as a fly fisherman, WWII veteran, and conservationist.

Frank takes us back to some amazing old stories of some of the famous people he has fished with over the years.  He also shares some truly timeless steelhead tips.  In fact, one of them already helped me land a steelhead!


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Show Notes with Frank Moore

14:25 – Frank talks about his experience storming the beaches during D- Day in World War II.  Here’s a video clip from the crazy moving Saving Private Ryan and that experience.  Note – This video is intense and is not for the faint of heart.

20:00 – Curly Reynolds was a mentor for Frank early on in his life and the person who showed him the river.  Although Curly always insisted that he fishes through first.

21:00 – Clarence Gordon is another friend and famous person on the North Umpqua.

29:00 – Romer Grey was a very good steelhead fisherman and the son of Zane Grey.

30:00 – Jack Hemmingway was the first person to bring the spey rod to the Umpqua.

41:00 – Jack Decius was a chemist, good friend, and steelhead addict.

49:00 – The movie Mending the Line is about Frank’s life and his journey back to Germany and the rivers he saw while in the war.

52:00 – The movie Pass Creek was created because of the conservation work that Frank spearheaded back in the early 1960s.

55:50 – The Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary Act= is a bill still working its way through Congress to protect a large tract of the Steamboat Creek watershed.


59:00 – The Skunk or the ugly Mudler are Frank’s go-to flies.  I put on an old skunk after the interview and caught a beautiful wild fish on one of Frank’s classic pools!

59:40 – Dan Callaghan was the person who invented the Green Butt Skunk.

1:09:00 – The hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been noted as helping people with multiple sclerosis.

1:12:00 – Interview with Doug Stewart in episode 31 of the show.  There were times in the interview where Frank reminded me of my dad, including the time when he noted why he never picked up spey casting.

1:20:00 – Project Healing Waters is an amazing national organization that is helping veterans by getting them into fly fishing and fly tying.  At 95, Frank and Jeanne still help injured veterans at there place on the river.

1:24:00 – Joel runs the Royal Treatment Fly Shop and is a good friend of Frank and Jeanne.

1:24:00 – Here is the Dean Finnerty episode where we also covered fishing the North Umpqua.


The Skunk Fly Pattern (Franks Go-to)

Frank noted that his favorite pattern for steelhead is the skunk.  Not the Green Butt Skunk.  That was a pretty funny part in the show when we talked about that.  I was able to tie up a skunk fly pattern and have provided the video below.

Click here to watch the skunk Fly tying tutorial:


Click here to watch the  video of the interview with Frank Moore:


You can get information for the documentary Mending the Line which is based on Frank Moore.


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


frank moore

Conclusion with Frank Moore

That was such a great experience for me and I hope you also appreciate that interview and the life Frank Moore has lived.  At 95, he’s still sharp and a pleasure to spend a few hours with Frank and Jeanne.

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