Fly Fishing 101 – Start Here


If you are brand new to fly fishing I wanted to provide a short guide of how best to get started.

Below is a list of information that will help you learn the basics and get out fishing this week.

It’s important to remember that you should just find a way to get started and don’t worry about having all of the perfect gear.


Beginner Fly Fishing Articles


Fly Fishing Gear

If you are brand new you will need to get a fly rod, reel, line and other basic gear.  I break it out in the article below:

Fly Fishing Basics – What Gear You Need to Get Started


How to Cast a Fly Rod

Once you have a fly rod you’ll need to learn how to cast it so you can present the fly effectively to the fish.

Here is an article that shows you how to cast a fly rod:

How to Cast A Fly Rod in 7 Steps


7 Easy Wet Fly Fishing Tips

After getting the casting down a bit its time to think about the different techniques you can use to catch fish.

This article shows you how to catch fish with the wet fly and the swing:

Here’s the article ==>> 7 Easy Wet Fly Fishing Tips


Dry Fly Fishing Basics

We all think of and love the idea of catching a fish on a dry fly.  On the surface, watching the fish suck in your offering.  But, it’s easier said than done.

This article shows you how to get started with dry flies.

Click here to check it out ===>> Dry Fly Fishing Basics


Fly Tying – Step x Step Guide

Getting started with fly tying is easier than you might think.  I have broken down a step x step guide to fly tying with 6 modules at the link below.

This article shows you how to get started with fly tying:

Click here to check it out ===>> Beginner Fly Tying Guide


Additional Fly Fishing 101 Posts

Click on the link below to check out some of the other resources I offer if you are getting started:

Click here to see other fly fishing 101 resources


I hope to see you on the river soon.  Please send me an email any time!