In this podcast, Dave talks about Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, famous for many “firsts” in fly fishing and skiing. He joins Terry Ring, owner of Silver Creek Outfitters, who shares tips on fly fishing and local history.

The episode highlights the first fly shop in Idaho, the first ski lift, and pioneering fly fishing techniques. Join us as we talk to an expert and the man behind these responsible innovations.

Show Notes with Terry Ring on Sun Valley Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Sun Valley Fly Fishing
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Episode Chapters with Terry Ring on Sun Valley Fly Fishing

3:02 – Terry shared his earliest memories of fishing. His father, a fly fisherman from Montana, crafted his own rods and flies like people did back then. Terry learned the art of tying flies and fly fishing around the age of seven, using a cane rod and rubber hip boots.

4:06 – He proceeded to address the history of his fly fishing shop. A man named Dick Alfs started the store with just a few fishing supplies like hooks, thread, fur, feathers, and head cement, which kept the store running until 1979. Terry then shared that he was hired as a guide that same year.

Sun Valley Fly Fishing
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7:41 – When asked about the origins of his fly fishing shop, Terry mentioned, “I’m really proud of it.” He highlighted more details on how Ketchum in Sun Valley grew to become the prominent place it is today.

10:23 – Terry proudly shares that Sun Valley was where the world’s first chairlift was invented. He also highlights how Averell Harriman, a known government figure, significantly contributed to establishing Sun Valley.

13:29 – Matching the right guide with the guest’s desires is key. His team includes two world champions and enthusiastic college students. To ensure the best experience, he uses “guide’s choice” for reservations.

15:28 – He goes on to share how he met Brett and Will who influenced him into fly fishing. We had Bret on Episode 368.

Sun Valley Fly Fishing

20:09 – Terry talks about the dramatic changes in fishing gear over the years, from rods to tackle to clothing, which he especially appreciates for the comfort they provide.

18:10 – Terry brought up Andre Puyans who owned a fly shop in Walnut Creek, and was a passionate angler and the first to use a strike indicator. According to Terry, Andre often took groups from California to fly fishing schools, including Melwood’s.

23:33 – Terry explains a unique situation up north involving three rivers, all part of the Big Lost system.

24:45 – Terry dived deeper into Silver Creek’s history, explaining how it has changed significantly over the years due to development and shifting agricultural practices. The store, Silver Creek Outfitters, is named after this renowned creek, famous for its dry fly fishing.


32:36 – Terry introduced Al Grabber, a fantastic angler and fly casting instructor. Also a musician, Al values fly casting as an art. Originally from Austria, he spends a few months each spring in Slovenia leading groups.

Sun Valley Fly Fishing
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39:47 – Terry shares that the best dry fly fishing usually happens from late June to mid-August, peaking in the American West from July 15th to August 15th. Conditions may vary based on the year, weather, and water flow.

42:39 – According to Terry, there’s been a noticeable increase in young people taking up hunting, largely credited to figures like Steve Ella, who promotes a broad approach emphasizing locally sourced, organic food.

45:58 – Union Pacific owned Sun Valley until 1964 when it was sold to Bill Janz. However, financial struggles during a drought year in 1976-77 led to another sale. Earl Holding, the third owner, also owned part of the Jan Railroad and a 479-acre ranch, now the Silver Creek Preserve.

48:45 – Recently, a group of anglers formed Project Big Wood, an organization dedicated to research and conservation.

50:33 – Terry has his share of funny stories about famous people visiting Sun Valley, including Demi Moore, Janet Leigh, and Jamie Lee Curtis.



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Conclusion with Terry Ring on Sun Valley Fly Fishing 

In this episode, Terry Ring, owner of Silver Creek Outfitters, shares tips on fly fishing and local history. Terry shared more about Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, famous for many “firsts” in fly fishing and skiing.