Jason Moore is on the podcast, and we’ll get his three best tips for striper fishing on the East Coast.

We’ll also get an update on the trends out east and where you can get more information. We’re heading to the East Coast today with Jason of Island Fly.

Show Notes with Jason Moore on Stiper Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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stiper fishing

Episode Chapters with Jason Moore on Striper Fishing

02:10 – Jason grew up in a small beach town in southern New Jersey, where he loved surfing and conventional fishing. He spent 25 years in Colorado and got into trout fishing. After that, he returned to the coast and got into saltwater fly fishing.

Island Fly 

3:05 – When Jason started Island Fly four years ago, their main target was stripers, which he said are great on the fly. During summers when stripers head north for cooler waters, they focus on other species like flounder, bluefish, and cow nose rays.

Photo via https://www.aquariumofpacific.org/onlinelearningcenter/species/pacific_cownose_ray

06:29 – Jason says they are on Brigantine Island, where there are vast sandy flats, and the best way to fish for cow nose rays is from a boat. Cow nose rays are best targeted from mid-June to late August when the water is warm.

You can also go for flounder and catch bluefish during this time. Additionally, they sometimes fish for spinner sharks.

Check out our episode on Mako Shark Shark Fly Fishing with Conway Bowman 

striper fishing

Wild Fish Wild Places 

09:46 – Jason talks about his trip to the Columbian Amazon to fish for peacock bass with my good friend Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places.


The trip was super remote, involving long boat rides and hiking through the jungle to reach untouched lagoons. The episode is set to premiere in October 2024! Catch the raw footage here:

Striper Fishing 

18:28 – The best time for a striper fishing trip is spring, especially April and May because the weather is more consistent. These fish move north as the water warms, following bait fish like menhaden.

23:55 – Jason owns a 22-foot panga, which he finds perfect for striper fishing. However, there are alternative options for stripers fishing without a boat, such as beach fishing and fishing around jetties.

striper fishing

29:19 – When fishing for stripers, matching the fly to the water depth and fish behavior is important.

  • Surface lures like gurglers and poppers are effective in shallow waters (three feet or less), while streamers work better in deeper areas.
  • Tarpon toad flies work well in challenging situations.

Tips for Successful Striper Fishing

  • Look for structures and moving water to locate fish.
  • Use surface lures like poppers in the morning and evening to attract fish.
  • Switch to streamers during the day for continued success.
  • Experiment with different color patterns to find what works.
  • Try crab patterns in shallow waters.

stiper fishing

Other Species


34:43 – Unlike striper fishing, where you’re on the boat chasing after fish, ray fishing involves wading in shallow, warm waters near sandbars. The rays are often seen in large numbers and are targeted with crab flies.

  • A minimum of nine-weight rods is recommended.
  • Sub-50-foot casts are typical.
  • Be prepared with ample backing due to the ray’s powerful runs.

Blue Fish

  • They can be caught from spring through summer.
  • Very aggressive and fun to catch.


  • Flounders are found on sandbars during the warm summer months.
  • Shallow water fishing using a six-weight rod.

striper fishing


Visit their website at Island Fly:

Stiper Fishing


Striper Fishing Videos Noted in the Show


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striper fishing

Conclusion with Jason Moore on Striper Fishing

There you go. Another trip that seems totally doable and sounds like a fish we all need to add to the list. What would be one trip out of all these that you would go on if you had to only pick one? Send me an email at dave@wetflyswing.com.