Dalton Gendron from Country Financial is here to help you with tips on ensuring that your outdoor gear and family are covered with insurance.

We discover what type of insurance is commonly overlooked today and find out what you should be thinking about next time you chat with your agent. We get some tips on preventative actions you can think about to prepare for some crazy things that might happen in the future.

Let’s jump into this one and find out why Dalton wears a half helmet while cruising on his Harley Davidson.

Insurance Tips with Dalton Gendron. Hit play below!

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insurance tips

Insurance Tips Show Notes with Dalton Gendron

2:33 – I ask Dalton if flooding is a major thing to consider in getting insurance.

3:34 – He gives tips on getting insurance for your properties including homes, boats, fishing rods, and things that are not traditionally covered by a policy in an event of a disaster.

5:47 – He shares a bit about his background and where his love for helping others came from.

7:27 – He tells how his interest in outdoor activities started. He grew up on the outskirts of a small town called Welches in Mount Hood.

Photo via: https://traveloregon.com/places-to-go/cities/welches/

8:23 – I ask him what makes Country Financial different from other insurance companies out there.

9:26 – He tells the big things that people should think about based on their location. These include earthquakes and floods which are not traditionally covered in policies.

11:22 – I ask him if they also deal with theft. He explains the comprehensive coverage on cars which can cover theft and accidents. The few items that have limitations on them such as firearms and jewelry. For these, they can do a scheduled personal property meaning they’ll insure it for the value of what it’s worth and replace it for that cost regardless of where it got stolen and where it got lost.


14:23 – Home and renters insurance give personality liability coverage everywhere in the world.

15:13 – He walks us through his session with a potential client.

15:53 – He tells the difference between Renters Insurance and Home Insurance.

17:04 – I tell a story about that time when my car was stolen.

18:11 – He gives us other resources or educational pieces on preventive measures.

20:40 – We talk about the increasing crime rate and recklessness in the present time.

22:19 – He shares the types of cases he has handled as an insurance agent.

23:19 – He talks about his ideal clients. He has a business partner that does financial planning as well on top of the insurance.

25:17 – He walks us through his and his partner’s process of discussing retirement plans with clients.

27:38 – He shares the process of switching policies and coverage.

30:20 – He shares his love for hiking which he usually does with his wife and their golden retrievers in the Gorge. He used to do snowboarding and drive his off-road vehicle in the snow and sand dunes. He also owns a ’95 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide.

Photo via:https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/harley-davidson/dyna-glide/1995/

His dad owns an old 1973 Shovelhead that he’s had for about 35 years.

Photo via: https://www.mecum.com/lots/LV0121-435170/1973-harley-davidson-flh-shovelhead/

32:08 – We talk about how to stay safe while riding a motorcycle. He also shares his ride with his buddies last summer down to Reno, Nevada. I bring up the 1969 film Easy Rider which was about two Harley-riding hippies who drove from L.A. to New Orleans.

Photo via: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064276/

37:19 – He says that the loud pipes in Harley Davidson bikes are partially for safety to make sure other people can hear the rider if they can’t see him.

37:58 – He shares more about that trip where they rode for 14 hours straight and camped overnight just north of Crater Lake.

Photo via: https://www.travelcraterlake.com

40:33 – We do the two-minute drill. I first ask him about the outdoor activities he’s been thinking to do for the next year or two. He has done skydiving a couple of times which he says was the best adrenaline rush he ever had.

His big goal this year is to go back into fishing, get a fishing license, and get back out on the river.

42:44 – He talks about the concept of a moratorium when something happens to an insured home or person.

43:23 – I give a shout-out to Karmic Outdoors which is for lost stuff such as outdoor gear.

Photo via: https://karmikoutdoors.com

44:08 – He tells about their upcoming trip to Canada in April. He’s also hoping to go to Hawaii at the end of the year which is his ultimate vacation goal.

You can find Dalton on Facebook at Dalton Gendron-Country Financial.

Visit his website at CountryFinancial.com.

insurance tips

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insurance tips

Insurance Tips Conclusion with Dalton Gendron

That was Dalton with lots of tips and advice about insurance. It’s important to make sure you are properly protected in case of any unforeseen events. Dalton Gendron’s website is a great resource to learn more, but it’s also important to regularly chat with your insurance agent. They can provide you with personalized advice based on your specific needs and help you update your policy if needed.

Educating yourself about insurance is essential and can help provide you and your loved ones with financial security.