Jon Morris from Working Class Fishing Podcast breaks down gar fishing, tying with brushes and fly fur. We find out what gear you need, the best fly line to use, and how rope is used to hook the fish.

Jon connects us with the gar guru – state record holder for biggest longnose and alligator gar on the fly, who’s also Jon’s mentor. Do you know who he is?

We also learn about gar’s history, how they are threatened today, and why they need our protection.


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gar on the fly

Gar on the Fly Show Notes with Jon Morris

03:20 – Jon was in the army and used to go on combat tours in Afghanistan

07:45 – Jon focuses on tying streamer and predator flies

09:15 – There are 4 or 5 species of gar in North America

10:00 – “Gars are members of the family Lepisosteidae, which are the only surviving members of the Ginglymodi, an ancient holosteian group of ray-finned fish, which first appeared during the Triassic, over 240 million years ago.” – Wikipedia

10:30 – There are 7 types of gar – alligator gar, spotted gar, longnose gar, Florida gar, slender gar, Cuban gar, tropical gar. Jon’s favorite is the longnose gar

14:00 – You need a 12 wt rod if you want to catch alligator gars


15:30 – The best time to fish for gar is when it’s too hot outside for you. Gars like calm and clean waters.

18:50 – As per, gar are not found in California

20:30 – Gar typically spawn in May and don’t eat much during that time

22:50 – “If you break a gar off with that leader because you didn’t tie the right knot or you didn’t use the right tippet, you’re going to kill that fish”

27:00 – If Jon can only use one line for gar, it would be intermediate or floating. For rod, it would be a 12 wt.

27:45 – For leader down to the tippet, it depends on the size of the fly – but usually he runs a foot and a half of 50 pound with a perfection loop. Loop to loop or you can nail knot it.

29:20 – Jon uses a Maxima Chameleon for tippet. He also talks about the fast ach tippet

gar on the fly
Photo by

32:40 – Jon’s buddy, Ryan has been working on a gar fly called, Garmageddon. Ryan holds the state record for gar on the fly for alligator and longnose gar. Ryan is a gar nerd – his Instagram is @professor_rivers.

35:30 – Carps are like the “sewer salmon”

36:45 – Alligator gars are threatened species

gar on the fly
Photo by Ryan King @professor_river

38:45 – Jon uses Fairflies’ fly fur for his flies

gar on the fly

43:45 – Jon talks about tying a rope streamer

44:25 – Tommy Lynch was on the podcast in episode 347

44:55 – The key to a good gar fly is how sparse you can make your materials, for 3 reasons: 1 – it casts a lot better, 2 – it hooks up better, 3 – removal of the fly from the mouth

54:30 – We talk about their podcast, Working Class Fishing

1:00:00 – Jon talks about tying with 5D brushes

gar on the fly

1:08:20 – Jon makes a reel tying with a 5D brush – check out his Instagram @morrisflyco

1:10:00 – Jon shares his best tip on fishing gar

1:12:00 – Jon uses a Maxxon Falcon rod and reel

gar on the fly


You can find Morris on Instagram at



gar on the fly


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