Bucky Buchstaber is on the podcast to break down how the Fly Fishing Collaborative is focused on battling sex trafficking through the building of hydroponic farms around the world.  This is a super powerful and important episode so I hope you can have a listen and help the kids out.

Bucky is also a huge steelheader and we touch briefly on how he found himself in the northwest chasing chrome.  Thanks for taking the time to listen and share this important topic and podcast.


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fly fishing collaborative
photo via: https://tetonvalleylodge.com/fly-fishing-collaborative-helps-children-around-the-world/


Fly Fishing Show Notes with Bucky Buckstaber

07:00 – The old Bamboo Dickerson Fly Rod had a big impact on Bucky.

30:30 – Jess Westbrook from The Mayfly Project shared the amazing work they are doing for kids.

34:00 – The Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast with Bucky. I noted the negative feedback that Roger received from this episode.

ask about fly fishing


37:00 – School teacher working on justice topics

46:14 – We talked about Jeff Hickman and Fish the Swing and the waders that brought these two guys together through spey.

55:20 – The Foo Fighters that gets faster.



You can find Bucky at the FlyFishingCollaborative.org

fly fishing collaborative


Videos Noted in the Show

The Mayfly Project


Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


bucky buckstaber
photo via: https://www.theelpisproject.org/

Fly Fishing Collaborative Conclusion with Bucky Buchstaber

Bucky Buchstaber is here to share the story of how the Fly Fishing Collaborative is taking on the Sex Trafficking industry through fly fishing and farming.  We get a feel for why the Fly Fishing Collaborative became such an important mission.