Tune in to today’s episode and get an inside look into Epic Waters Angling with Steve Morrow. Steve has been putting together epic trips all around the world, and he’s here to tell us about their program for king salmon in Alaska and how you can take advantage of it.

In this episode, you’ll discover what it takes to find, hook, and land your first Chinook salmon on the fly! You’ll also know the perfect timing for fishing and the best spots where fish will likely hold.

Show Notes with Steve Morrow on Epic Waters Angling. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Epic Waters Angling

Episode Chapters with Steve Morrow on Epic Waters Angling

I’m excited to put this episode together today for several reasons. First, I’m heading back to Alaska, and Chinook is definitely on my mind.

And today, we’ve got a real expert joining us who knows all about Chinook salmon and spey fishing. Plus, add Alaska. Does it get any better than that?

Epic Waters Angling

03:18 – Steve was obsessed with fishing of all kinds and spent a lot of time at tackle shops when he was young. Eventually, he worked at Michael & Young Fly Shop, where he learned from shop guys that he admired.

05:33 – Epic Waters Angling offers fly fishing trips to challenging spots in North America. These trips make tough fishing locations easier and more fun for anglers.

Chinook Fishing in Alaska

Epic Waters Angling

07:25 – Steve describes the experience of fishing in Togiak and how it’s different from fishing in British Columbia.

He finds Togiak exciting because it’s like solving a fishing puzzle with its unique features. Here are some key puzzle pieces for targeting Chinook salmon successfully:

  1. Timing the tides is very important when catching Chinook salmon. Knowing when the tides come in rivers like the Togiak and the Kanektok helps catch more fish.
  2. Aside from the tide, Steve says figuring out how quickly the fish moves upstream can help you position yourself effectively.

Epic Waters Angling

Choosing the Right Gear for Chinook Fishing


17:00 – When gearing up for Chinook salmon fishing, Steve prefers using spey fishing gear for easy casting and reduced shoulder strain compared to single-hand rods.

Steve recommends rods between 13 and 15 feet long, from 8 wt to 10 wt. His number one rod is a 9140 Nom rod.

Photo via https://namproducts.com/products/original-9140-6pc

23:00 – Steve uses Skagit lines exclusively to target Chinook salmon due to their effectiveness in delivering maximum payload. Here are his recommendations:

  1. Rio Skagit Max Launch
  2. GameChanger
Photo via https://farbank.com/products/rio-rio-elite-skagit-max-launch
Sink Tips

27:16 – Two of the most important sink tips you should have for Steve are 10 feet of T-17 and 10 feet of T-14.
He also suggests having 10 feet of T-11 for specific situations and a couple of lighter sink tips, like the MOW tips.

Togiak River Lodge Experience

33:24 – Steve talks about the fishing strategies at Togiak Lodge and the overall lodge experience. They spend time observing fish behavior and trends upon arrival at Togiak Lodge.

It takes a few days to understand where the fish are located and how they behave in current conditions.


37:23 – Steve’s ideal leader length is three to four feet. He uses a 20-lb Maxima across the board because he finds it reliable for steelhead and Chinook.

Fly Selection

38:32 – Steve’s go-to fly for Chinook in Togiak is the pink Reverse Marabou. Other effective colors include blue and chartreuse, black and chartreuse, black and blue, and blue and silver.

Epic Waters Angling
Photo via https://epicwatersangling.com/our-top-5-winter-steelhead-flies/

Conservation Efforts at Epic Waters Angling

1:02:00 The Coast to Clouds Conservation Foundation is a nonprofit under Epic Waters that collects a conservation surcharge from clients to fund impactful projects. They also collaborate closely with the Native Fish Society.

Follow Steve on Instagram: @stevie.morrow

Follow Epic Waters Angling on Instagram: @epicwaters

Check out their website: https://epicwatersangling.com

Epic Waters Angling

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Epic Waters Angling

Conclusion with Steve Morrow on Epic Waters Angling

Hey, if you’re itching for some epic fishing action, a couple of spots are still available for a trip up to the Togiak from June 21 to 26. You can check in with Steve at steve@epicwatersangling.com to snag one of those spots. Happy fishing!