Scott Biron is here to take us into some history of fly tying and fly tyers that have paved the way for fly patterns today. We discover the stories behind these classic flies that have stood the test of time, why they’re considered classic, and what makes them so effective. Scott shares some tips on how to tie these classic flies and the materials he uses. We get Scott’s Top 10 Favorite Fly Patterns and find out why.


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Classic Flies and Fly Tyers Show Notes with Scott Biron

07:20 – Scott was a PE teacher and he would teach his students fly casting

10:10 – Scott call people that troll out in the internet, trying to find things wrong with everything – pattern police

11:00 – There’s a big lake in New Hampshire called, Sunapee

11:10 – The Purple Smelt pattern by Ora Smith was said to be the only fly that caught fish on the Sunapee Lake

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12:30 – Scott describes what makes a classic streamer

16:30 – We talk about Jim Warner and his original fly, Winnipesaukee Smelt

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18:40 – They Grey Ghost pattern was Carrie Steven’s original pattern – Carrie was said to tie without using a vise

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21:20 – There’s a book that was written about Carrie Stevens called, Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies

25:55 – The Purple Smelt was not really purple, but lavender

27:45 – The Canopache Fly is also one of Ora Smith’s original flies

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30:55 – Scott talks about Ewing Feather Birds, their excellent products and service

34:00 – Ellis Hatch was the last great production tyer in New Hampshire – he recently passed away

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36:00 – The Black Ghost is a pattern by Herb Welch

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36:30 – Mike Martinek was a fly tyer from New England. He created some beautiful streamer patterns – one of which was the Boarder Patrol

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37:10 – Carrie Stevens has a fly called, Rapid River – named after the river that it was used on

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37:40 – The Grey Ghost works great because it looks a lot like a smelt. Feather-wing still is the material that people prefer to tie with

40:00 – Scott tells us his top 10 streamer flies

42:05 – The Morning Glory is another Carrie Stevens pattern

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42:30 – Blue Dragon and General MacArthur are also Carrie Stevens patterns

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fly tyers

43:30 – The Indian Rock pattern is a brook trout magnet. It’s also a pattern by Carrie Stevens

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47:50 – Scott talks about the hackle he uses – Ewing Featherbirds

fly tying hackle

55:15 – The New Hampshire Warden pattern is Scott’s original. He tells us a funny story of when a guy at a fly fishing show said that he didn’t know what he was doing

new hampshire warden

1:03:50 – Tim Flagler does a good job explaining his technique via video – Tim was on the podcast at WFS 279

1:06:25 – Scott uses a Regal Revolution for Vise and Sprite for scissors

regal vise
Photo courtesy

1:14:00 – Operation Game Thief is a Colorado Parks and Wildlife program that pays rewards to citizens who turn in poachers. You can call them toll-free within Colorado at 1-877-COLO-OGT, Verizon cell phone users can dial #OGT, or contact them via e-mail at​​

1:17:00 – At WFS 008, I talked to Darren MacEachern about the Streamers Project

1:18:30 – The B Pond fly pattern is a wet fly – Carrie Stevens tied 30 B pond streamers commissioned for a group of fly fishers in Massachusetts. They couldn’t find the real recipe for this pattern

scott biron b pond


You can find Scott on Instagram @scottbiron

Visit his website at

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Scott Biron’s Top 10 Favorite Fly Patterns

  1. Grey Ghost by Carrie Stevens
  2. Winnipesaukee by Jim Warner
  3. Canopache by Ora Smith
  4. Morning Glory by Carrie Stevens
  5. Purple Smelt by Ora Smith
  6. Black Ghost by Herb Welch
  7. Rapid River by Carrie Stevens
  8. Blue Dragon by Carrie Stevens
  9. General McArthur by Carrie Stevens
  10. Indian Rock by Carrie Stevens


Resources Noted in the Show

Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


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Classic Flies and Fly Tyers Conclusion with Scott Biron

So there you go. We learned a lot about the history of classic flies and the tyers who made them. It’s always good to find out how a fly pattern came about. That way we acknowledge the brilliant creators behind the patterns that we enjoy today as a way to show our respect to their work and legacy.

Scott is an amazing fly tyer and is doing great things for the fly tying world. He may be gone in the future but his patterns will surely live on.

I am feeling extra inspired to tie a fly today so I’m heading to my workstation to try one of the flies we talked about. Maybe a Carrie Stevens fly or maybe a Scott Biron fly. What about you, what are you tying today? Let me know in the comments.