Adam Miller, host of the Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast, is here to break down the steps in getting started in bowhunting. We find out how you can get going gear-wise right now without having to spend a ton of money. We talk about what makes a good hunter and how to increase your chance of getting a kill. We also talk about his podcast and the remarkable guests he’s had that we should follow to up our hunting game.

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bowhunting for beginners

Show Notes with Adam Miller

03:30 – They launched their podcast in January 2018.

12:00 – Adam killed his first deer with a bow when he was 19.

18:30 – We talk about bowhunting 101.

42:20 – In Michigan, bowhunting season starts October 1 and goes up till November 14. Then rifle season begins from November 15 to December 1.

57:00 – We mentioned John Eberhart who’s also known for being a master bowhunter in Michigan. He’s also authored some hunting books.

bowhunting for beginners

59:00 – We had Jay Scott on the podcast in episode 354 where we talked about elk hunting.

bowhunting for beginners

1:02:00 – Adam noted Zach Ferenbaugh from Hunting Public and Jason Samkowiak.


1:06:00 – A flagship bow costs around 1300 to 2000 dollars nowadays.

bowhunting for beginners

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bowhunting for beginners

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