Have you ever been on the water and struggled with casting in the wind? Maybe things were going great, and then the wind started kicking up. Fish were feeding, but you couldn’t make that cast, that perfect cast to hook up with those big fish. And what if I told you there were some easy drills you could do in your yard, just 30 minutes a week to prepare you to have more success on the water? My guest today is a certified casting instructor and coaches people both online and in person. and it is gonna help us level up our accuracy and distance fly casting this year. 

Show Notes with Kalyn Hoggard. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Kalyn Hoggard is here, a certified casting instructor and record-chasing brown trout master. He’s going to give us some tips in his favorite casting drills to have better success on the water this year. You’ll find out how to determine your max carry when casting and a drill around that exercise. And we’re also gonna find out when to haul for the most speed out and when to actually do it.

40-inch brown trout

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You’re gonna learn about the arc and how to know when to increase your arc or decrease your arc. And we’re also gonna get Bruce Richards 6-Step Casting Method. This is gonna be awesome. Plus, did I mention that Kalyn is a brown trout hunter and has landed fish over 40 inches? All right, let’s see how to level up our casting game and our big hunting skills. 

40-inch brown trout

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