I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Teeny from JimTeeny.com.  Jim has been one of the most influential people in fly fishing over the last 60 years partly due to Jim’s contribution of sinking lines for fly fisherman around the world back in the 1970’s.

We talk about sinking lines, the Teeny Nymph and a bunch of other tips and great stories about how Jim has caught so many fish species over the years on the fly he originated – the teeny nymph fly.

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Jim invented the Teeny Nymph when he was a young kid and didn’t realize how affective it would be for so many species.  Now that Jim has launched a successful company and fished all over the world, we look back on where he’s been and where he’s going.

Jim has done many interviews, written lot’s of articles and books but a recent podcast is what reminded me to contact Jim.  If you want to listen to this interview that April Volkey did with Jim click here.

I couldn’t cover it all but feel pretty good and really enjoyed the hour I had to site down with Jim.

The Original Teeny Nymph (tied by Jim Teeny):

Click here to see a short video on tying the basic teeny nymph pattern.  I tied this after preparing for the interview and really forgot how simple this pattern is.  You can crank these babies out so there’s one big bonus!


Show Notes from Jim Teeny Interview:

16:34 – sinking lines evolution in the beginning

24:00 – I spot em I got em and “This man throws rocks at fish” clarified

29:00 – Best fly colors for steelhead

35:00 – How to find fish (#1 Tip from Jim)

41:14 – How Jim changed fly fishing forever back in the 1970’s

44:07 – The slaughter hole and 97 steelhead caught

48:26 – 250 lb Tarpon on the Teeny Nymph (7 mile chase)

53:35 – The gift of the outdoors has had a huge impact on Jim

57:07 – Great Lakes fishing and 24 Browns caught in the 5-12 pound range in one day.

1:00:00Billy Pate story and Tarpon fishing

1:02:00 – How to get started with a new fly fishing business


Click here to check out Fly Fishing Great Waters, one of Jim’s books that covers many of his stories throughout his life fly fishing.

jim teeny

Conclusion with Jim Teeny

I wanted to give a big thanks to Jim for spending some time with me on this interview.  Jim discusses what he most appreciates in fly fishing after looking back at almost 60 years fly fishing.

Jim drops a bunch of golden nuggets for people interested in steelhead fishing.  You can reach out to Jim at JimTeeny.com if you have any questions.

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