In episode 008 of the Fly Fishing Show I had the great opportunity to interview Darren MacEachern from where we discussed steelhead and salmon fly tying along with some great fly fishing stories and history of fly tying.

Take a look below for the Show Notes and links to everything we discussed in the interview.  You’ve got to hear the Rusty Rat story and poem that goes along with it.


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Show Notes from my Interview with Darren MacEachern

05:24:  northern lights fly fishers (

11:45:  Fly Tying Forum (

14:30:  Trey Combs Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies


17:40:  Streamers Project (

18:00:  Drawing Flies 365 – Jeff Kennedy (

20:30:  Streamer List Forum (

21:45:  Superfly Project (

22:50:  Phil Rowley (

23:50:  Warren Duncan (

24:20:  Warren Duncan reciting poetry while he ties the Rusty Rat


32:35:  Interview with Jim Teeny 

39:07:  Fly Fusion Magazine (

39:50:  Fly Fish Calgary (

49:00:  Carrie Stevens Patriotic Streamer Series (

52:20:  Shawn at McFly Angler on youtube ties size #26 flies (

53:20:  Don Ordes Fly Tying (


darren maceachern

Quote:  “For Fly Tying, the number 1 thing is repetition.”    -Darren MacEachern


If you want to reach Darren head on over to and say hi.  I wanted to thank Darren again for coming on the show and providing the great show.

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