I connected with Rick Saez to talk about the Outdoor Biz Podcast and some tips to help you find out more about building a business in the outdoor space.  Rick is helping outdoor adventure businesses get into podcasting through his online courses.

We hear about how Rick started at the bottom and worked his way up through the business via multiple companies along the way.  Tons of shoutouts to companies in people in the outdoor and fly fishing industries.  It was a fun chat to BS about the outdoors with Rick.


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Show Notes with Rick Saez

02:30 – Eagle Creek, Dana Design, Umpqua Feather Merchants and Low Pro were all companies that Rick worked with before starting the Outdoor Biz Podcast.

03:30 – Tim Ferris is one of Rick’s favorite podcast and one of the reasons that Rick jumped into podcasting.

07:40 – Fishpond, Far Bank, Tom Sadler, and Korkers have all been on the podcast with Rick.  I had Tom Sadler on the podcast here in episdoe 98.

09:04 – You can check out some of the resources that Rick offers to help you start your own podcast.

12:50 – The Outdoor Retailer Show is a great event to attend if you want to network.

14:00 – Snews and the Voice Magazine was noted here in relation to new companies in the outdoor industry.

19:45 – I missed Rick who was at IFTD this year.  Rick describes what the Outdoor Retailer Show is like after 20 years.

21:30 – We talk about the hosted trips that I’m doing with guides and lodges from guests I’ve had on the podcast.

27:00 – Gregg Bleakney is a good example of someone who quit the day job for the outdoor biz.

27:50 – Elliott Adler was on the podcast in episode 54 and talked about starting your podcast.


27:20 – The Wild Ideas Podcast got picked up by REI.

31:20 – Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in episode 52 to talk about streamers.

34:15 – I noted the upcoming hosted steelhead trip to the OP.  You can check out the trip here and get more information here.

34:50 – I interviewed Frank Moore here about the North Umpqua.

39:10 – The Colorado Tear Drop episode was the most popular episode for Rick to this point.

40:00 – I noted Rent This Rod who was on the the podcast.

42:00 – We talk about overlanding and what it’s all about.  Maybe we need an overlanding guest like the AdventurePortal.com who covers all of this stuff and can explain the benefits.

43:15 – Roof Nest Tents were noted here and part of the overlanding groups out there.

49:30 – MontBell pillow or the Thermarest chair kit are our luxury hiking items.

52:30 – Tim Ferris and Entrepreneurs on Fire along with Channel Mastery Podcasts are all goto’s for Rick.

56:40 – The Croatia podcast workshop is a new resource.


You can find Rick here.


Resources Noted in the Show

The Wild Ideas Podcast

the wild ideas podcast


Here’s the Thermarest Chair I Love

thermarest chair kit


Videos Noted in the Show

Frank Moore was on the podcast 


rick saez




Conclusion with Rick Saez

I had a fun chat with Rick Saez who is the host of the Outdoor Biz Podcast.  We hear what a life in the outdoor industry feels like including what it’s like to lose your job and find the next big thing in the outdoor industry.