I had a great chat with Jason Rolfe from the Fly Tapes Podcast and Writers on the Fly.  Jason has been doing an amazing job of showcasing some of the great fly fishing writers we have the priviledge of reading today.

Jason talks about what it takes to be a great writer and why he’s obsessed with writers and writing.  He has published pieces on The Fly Fish Journal and the Drake Magazine.  I’m really excited to introduce you to Jason to see all the great stuff he has going on.


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Show Notes with Jason Rolfe:

05:05 – Emerald Water Angling Fly Shop was the first shop that Jason worked in.

05:35 – Roderick Haig-Brown was one of Jason’s big influences.  Here is a video on Fishermans’ Fall.

06:20 – Writers on the Fly is the local reading event that Jason puts together during the fall.

07:36 – Raymon Carver was another big influence and a writer that focused on short stories.

10:35 – Casey Underwood was on the fly tapes in episode 15.

16:20 – The episode on swallows as presented by Steve Douda (Steve’s reading starts at 48:00 in).

17:10 – Episode 17 of the Fly Tapes Podcast presented Langdon Cook.  Langdon Cook was also on episode 3 about fishing with his boy.

27:15 – Jay Johnson podcast on Pig Farm Inc. and the fly fish journal article.

39:15 – Steven Pressfield and the War of Art was a big influence on me and demonstrates what some writers go through in their lives.

42:00 – The Fly Fish Journal and The Drake Magazine are two of Jason’s favorite fly fishing magazines.

46:00 – The Drake Cast is another great podcast out there as well.


59:14 – Patagonia has been a sponsor of the Cascadia Tour which is the Writers on the Fly show Jason produces.

1:01:20 – The River Horse Podcast was one of Jason’s most popular episodes.


You can reach Jason at syzygy fly fishing where he shares all of the Fly Tapes Podcast episodes, Writers on the Fly and some other videos and good stuff.

You can also find Writers on the Fly and Jason on Instagram here.





Conclusion with Jason Rolfe

That episode was a little bit different from past shows and a lot of fun.  Jason really helped me to think more about getting back into writing.  Nothing comes easy and like fly casting you have to practice, practice and practice to get better.

Please click the link above and connect with Jason if you have questions.