I talked to Dennis Lee about the Half Pounder steelhead, a unique life history that is only found in large number in the Rogue River, Klamath, Trinity and Eel Rivers.

We talk about why this life history is significant to you as a fly fisher, talk about his new book and get into some of the history of steelhead fly fishing in Northern California as this was the birth place of steelhead fly fishing.


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Show Notes with Dennis Lee

04:00 – The book “A Half Pounder A Steelhead Trout” is Dennis’ most recent project.

09:49 – Dec Hogan was on the podcast in episode 20 and tells a story of a fish that beached him on the opposite side of the river.

15:20 – Dean Finnerty was on episode 19 of the podcast and discussed how anglers used to cut back the riparian area to make casting easier.

16:09  – Al Periman was a mentor for Dennis

23:20 – The Silver Hilton and Brindle Bug were popular Rogue River patterns.

27:40 – The Sotar raft company from southern Oregon

33:46 – John Shewey was on the podcast on episode 16 and talked about the publishing process.

35:20 –  American River Steelhead

37:00 – Gary Anderson and Gary Anderson Custom Rods.

34:20 – California Spey O’Rama at the Golden Gate Casting Club

41:04 – The Albany Fly Tying Expo event is where I met Dennis for the first time


41:20 – A Passion for Steelhead had a big influence on Dennis.

41:33 – Classic Steelhead Flies by John Shewey is another important book for steelhead.

44:50 – Klamath sized intruders

42:10 – The Dec Hogan episode and the intruder story

47:00 – Squidro by Scott Howell

51:20 – The Jay Nicholas episode where he chats about why he is dedicated to writing books.


You can reach Dennis at DennisPLee.com if you have questions or want to reach out and say thanks!


dennis lee

“If I’m not catching 10 to 20 half pounders in a day of fishing, then I’m probably not going to be very happy.”

-Dennis Lee 



Conclusion with Dennis Lee

I wanted to give Dennis a big thank you for coming on the show.  He sheds light on the amazing diversity of steelhead and why we should care about a tiny little steelhead.

If you want to grab some steelhead tips the guest from the podcasts, click the link below to check out the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide:  https://wetflyswing.com/chrome

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