steelhead fly
The Stewart

The traditional steelhead fly patterns are still as effective as ever.  In the day in age with tube flies, hobo flies, and many others new designs, I still find good success swinging the traditional steelhead fly.  The Stewart is a great example and in this session I demonstrate how to tie a sparsely dressed low water style fly.

Materials for the Stewart

  • Tail: Golden Phaesant
  • Rib:  Medium Oval Tinsel
  • Body: Black Yarn
  • Flash:  Crystal Flash
  • Collar: Black Saddle Hackle
  • Wing: 2/3 black calf tail, 1/3 orange calf tail
  • Thread:  Black 6/0 Uni Thread
  • 36890 #6

This video takes you through the tying process.


Grab your fly tying equipment and the materials from above.  Replay the video and follow along each step of the way.  If you have questions, send me an email here or leave a comment below.




    • Hey, thanks for the comment. This is one of the best flies that I have used for swinging flies near the surface. It seems to work well in the morning and evening. I’m curious to see if any atlantic salmon fisherman out there use a similar pattern?

    • Thanks Mark. I will be upgrading the videos as I prepare to launch the fly tying course this year. I will be hosting them on this site and building a small fly tying community. If interested in adding your name to the course list just send me an email.