Kynslee Scott is here with an update for swinging flies for trout. We find out which trout Spey setup she loves out of Montana and why the Polyleader is the key for big Montana rainbows and browns.

She takes us to the Klickitat River and how she’s been guiding there since 2015. She gives us a review of her experience in using G Loomis fly rods and OPST Skagit lines. We also break down the flies and materials selection for October Caddis in Montana.

Trout Spey Fly with Kynslee Scott. Hit play below!

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trout spey fly

Show Notes with Kynslee Scott

05:00 – In 2008, Kynslee moved to Missoula for college where she learned how to properly row a boat, guide, and progress in fly fishing.

07:45 – Kynslee uses a 31-11 G Loomis IMX Pro along with a Commando Head OPST.

13:50 – She describes her tip setup throughout the year.

17:30 – We talk about the October Caddis in the fall and how they fish during this season.

20:15 – For October Caddis season, she uses a size 4 elk hair caddis.

22:30 – She noted the 9-foot 3-wt 2-handed Micro Skagit OPST.

trout spey fly

30:45 – She’s been guiding the Klickitat River since 2015. They have a lodge there called, Flying L Lodge that’s been there since 1946. They also have Reds Fly Shop there.


35:20 – We had Joe Rotter on from Reds Fly Shop in episode 186.

47:45 – We just had Jeff Currier for the second time where he talked about the 440 species he caught on the fly.

1:11:10 – Stuart Foxall was on the podcast in episode 391 where we talked about Spey and steelhead.

1:13:00 – She talks about wanting to get a marlin on the fly again. She remembers watching her dad fighting and landing a 500-pound marlin in Hawaii.

1:15:20 – Kynslee is an ambassador for G-Loomis rods.

You can find Kynslee on Instagram @ks406mt

trout spey fly

Check out her website at

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