Jeff Currier is back again with an update on his journey to catch 500 species on the fly. Jeff is one of the rockstar travelers in fly fishing with over 440 species caught on the fly.

Today Jeff takes us into his life in Eastern Idaho and the great rivers he has fished around this part of the country. This is the first-ever episode of our new series, Traveled. Time to experience the road less traveled, here we go!

Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing with Jeff Currier. Hit play below!

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eastern idaho fly fishing

Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Show Notes with Jeff Currier

07:45 – Jeff Currier was on the podcast for the first time in episode 65. We talked about his experience catching 400 species on a fly. He’s eyeing 500 now, he’s already on 440.

09:50 – He caught a big-eyed emperor in Seychelles.

eastern idaho fly fishing

12:30 – Yellowdog Fly Fishing just bought a fly shop in Bozeman.

eastern idaho fly fishing

13:30 – Jeff talks about Eastern Idaho fly fishing.

25:50 – Bret Bishop was on the podcast in episode 368.

35:00 – You can check Jeff’s 2023 schedule here.


51:00 – The South Fork of the Snake River is one of the greatest rivers in the West.

eastern idaho fly fishing
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52:00 – Jeff mentions other rivers that he recommends you fish.

54:45 – Jeff tells a story of when he was on the same airplane with Henry Winkler. Henry was on the podcast in episode 334.

59:00 – September to October is the best time to fish Eastern Idaho.

1:12:10 – Jeff recommends you stop by Trout Hunter Bar and Grill.

eastern idaho fly fishing

You can find Jeff on Instagram @jeffcurrier65

Check out his website at

eastern idaho fly fishing

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