Keith Webster is here from tornado anchors to describe how he made a unique and better anchor than what’s currently on the market.  We find out why a metal plate anchor works better than your typical pyramid style anchor for stopping your boat and for the environment.  

This episode is part of the drift boat podcast season as we focus on one of the most important accessories for your boat.  I’ve been using the Tornado and can say that the anchor stops much quicker.  


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Show Notes with Keith Webster

04:30 – Tornado serves many boats from Fly Craft up through sleds are used throughout the midwest

07:30 – Here’s a video for the tornado anchor.  Here’s a video from Red’s on the anchor.  Joe Rotter from Red’s was on the podcast here.


09:20 – Keith notes the StealthCraft drift boat, along with Clackacraft to use a 34lb model.  The 34 pound size is used by 90% of the drift boats out there.

17:10 – The stealth craft hooligan is the 14.5 foot boat

stealthcraft boats



37:00 – I saw tornado from the Portland Fly Shop

37:10 – Fort George was on the podcast in episode 205 here.


You can find Keith at

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Drift Boat Anchor Resources Noted in the Show

Tornado Anchor unboxing



Tornado Drift Boat Anchor Conclusion with Keith Webster

Keith shares the tornado anchor story and how he is set to take over the anchor business with a focus on the fly fishing space.  We find out how it started as a garage project and has blown into some huge momentum.