Steelhead Fly Fishing – Start Here

I will quickly share some of the best resources that are available if you are interested in steelhead fly fishing.

Firstly, take a look at the new book here –>  Steelhead Pro Tips Guide


(This E-Book is a summary of the best tips, flies and resources from season 1 of the show)

fly fishing quick tips for steelhead


Secondly, take a look at the podcast here.

That will connect you with some of the best steelhead fly fishing teachers in the world.    It’s been amazing connecting with every one of these awesome guests!


Steps to starting steelhead fishing

Click the links below for more information

  1.  The 4 P’s of successful steelhead fisherman
  2. Fly Fishing Gear
  3. Reading Water and finding fish
  4. Basic Knots
  5. 6 Killer Fly Patterns
  6. 9 Fly Casting Tips for Distance
  7. Spey Lines from Dec Hogan
  8. Spey Casting with Pete Humpries
  9. more to come


Here is a link to the current steelhead fly fishing interviews:

Steelhead Fly Fishing Interviews

I’ll be updating this page as new interviews and articles come through.  Please check back anytime if you have questions ===>>