Think of the last time you saw a fish rise to eat an insect. Were you able to identify what stage of the insect that that fish was feeding on? How about trying to identify the actual bug and what’s your best method for capturing an insect? If you want to try to idea it, today’s guest is going to give you answers to all these questions, and he’s going to dive into fishing Spring creeks. So you are ready for your next big trip on the water. This has Traveled where we take a deep dive into a specific region of the country so you have a better feel for what it takes to put together a great trip. And so you are better prepared for that next journey.

Show Notes with Satoshi Yamamoto. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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spring creek flies

Satoshi Yamamoto, fly tying expert in Spring Creek Guide in the Yellowstone country shares his best tips on fishing spring creeks. Today you’ll find out which are the best hatches during the year and the best times to fish each of those hatches. How to focus on and fish the PMD hatch and some killer fly time tips if you’re fishing smallies or even the larger Atlantic salmon flies. Plus, you’re going to hear the story of Satoshi’s dream of being a cowboy and how it brought him westward and the story of how he made this a reality. This episode of Traveled is presented by Yellowstone Teton Territory, where you can explore great fishing, hunting, hot springs, winter sports, and so much more. 

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