Today I’m continuing the blogging journey to get out the word on the new steelhead fly tying course and doorstep material deliveries.

If you want to see the first post in the series that explains the background, click here.  If you want to take a look at what chapter 1 will cover, click here.

Today I’ll cover a little bit on chapter 2 and provide an opportunity for you to show support for the project.

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Module 2:  Intruders, Bunny Leeches and Marabou Flies

  • Video 1:  Introduction video covers all of the chapters in Module 2 plus action items
  • Video 2:  Summary of the fly types we will cover (intruders, tube flies, etc)
  • Video 3:  Basic hooks and materials and overview (barbell eyes, shanks, wired, etc)
  • Video 4:  Basic Techniques we will cover in this module
  • Video 5:  How to tie an intruder + Background (with material home deliveries)
  • Video 6:  How to tie a Fish Taco (with material home deliveries)
  • Video 7:  How to tie a Bunny Leech
  • Video 8:  How to tie an Artificial Inteligence
  • Video 9:  How to tie an Egg Sucking Leech
  • Video 10:  Reading material for the course (Jay Nicholas Modern Steelhead Flies)
  • Video 11:  Conclusion video and summary
    • Action Items listed to be completed before Module 3 begins


That pretty much covers the nuts and bolts of module 2.  As you can see we get into a good chunk on winter steelhead flies and flies for colder temperatures and swinging.

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Module 1 covers classic wet flies and covers the history of steelhead flies.  Module 2 gets into intruders and all of the great flies we swing and strip down deep.

Module 3 gets right into a big swing with egg patterns and flies we might use more commonly nymphing for steelhead.

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