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eastern idaho fly fishing

Traveled #1: Jeff Currier on Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing – Henry’s Fork, S. Fk...

Today Jeff takes us into his life in Eastern Idaho and the great rivers he has fished around this part of the country.
Costa Del Mar Conservation

WFS 395 – Costa Del Mar Conservation with Joe Gugino – Kick Plastic, Planet...

Joe Gugino of Costa Del Mar takes us into the conservation work they've been focusing on to protect the species we love. We find out...
fly fish portland

WFS 393 – Fly Fish Portland with Eric Leininger – Tiger Musky, Steelhead, Cold...

Eric Leininger from Fly Fish Portland takes us into his background as a guide in Alaska and around the West.
Wind River Canyon

WFS 390 – Wind River Canyon with Darren Calhoun – Tribal Waters, Patagonia, Indifly

Darren Calhoun of Wind River Canyon is here to share the story of creating the movie Tribal Waters and working with Patagonia and Teton...
Florida Fly Fishing

WFS 388 – Florida Fly Fishing with John Grasta – Tarpon Spey, Fair Flies,...

John Grasta, Bass Pro Ambassador, breaks down Florida Fly Fishing with a focus on skagit and tarpon spey.
martha's vineyard fishing

WFS 381 – Fly Fishing Martha’s Vineyard with Abbie Schuster – False Albacore, Bonito,...

Abbie Schuster from Kismet Outfitters is here today to talk about the amazing island fishing life at Martha's Vineyard with a focus on stripers, bluefish, albies, and bonitos.
upland bird hunting

WFS 373 – Upland Bird Hunting with Nick Larson – Grouse, Birdshot Podcast

Nick Larson from Birdshot Podcast gives us a bird hunting 101 today. We break down the types of birds you can target for Upland Bird Hunting.
tennessee fly fishing

WFS 372 – Fly Fishing Tennessee with Seth Fields – Tennessee Tarpon, Hatch Outfitters

Seth Fields, owner of The Hatch Outfitters, is here to walk us through the diversity of Tennessee fly fishing.
carp on the fly

WFS 371 – Urban Carp on the Fly with Kris Bare – AZ Fly...

Kris Bare from AZ Fly Shop takes us into Arizona to discover how he catches massive carp on the fly in the city.

WFS 370 – Skeena River Spey Lodge with Brian Niska – Steelhead, Salmon, Skagit

Brian Niska from Skeena Spey Lodge takes us to the Skeena River and basin with a focus on swinging flies for main-stem steelhead.
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