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coast knives

WFS 258 – Coast Knives and Headlamps with David Brands

Show Notes: David Brands from Coast Portland is on the podcast to share how he created one of the first LED Headlamps and led the way in knife technology.
matt smythe

WFS 137 – COVID-19 Tips for Fly Fishing Brands with Matt Smythe from AFFTA

Show Notes: COVID-19 Update for Fly Fishing Brands.  Matt Smythe, the communications coordinator for AFFTA,  sheds some light on what AFFTA is doing for fly fishing brands during the corona virus pandemic.  We find out what AFFTA does and how they balance politics and conservation. 
dan johnston

WFS 075 – Fly Casting Tips with Dan Johnston – Fly Rod Brands, History,...

Show Notes: We get into some great tips as I pick the brain of Dan Johnston, a 30 year casting instructor with St. Croix Rods.  Time to nerd out a bit on rods and casting. Dan shares the most important part of the fly cast and why 10-2 isn't the the best analogy to use and some tips to avoid the dreaded tailing loop.  We also here about fiberglass rods and where there place is in fly fishing.
oklahoma fly fishing

WFS 550 – Oklahoma Fly Fishing with Julie Mattson – Team USA, Broken Bow...

Julie Mattson of the US Women's Fly Fishing team talks about Oklahoma fly fishing, Broken Bow Lake, and Lower Mountain Fork. She also shares...
backpacking and blisters

WFS 529 – Backpacking and Blisters with Carl Mandrioli – Colorado Hiking, Outdoor Podcast,...

Join us for an engaging episode as we kick things off with the tale of how Carl was bitten by the backpacking bug and how it eventually led to them starting a podcast. His journey began with a burning desire to be part of the adventures his high school friends embarked on, and he has never looked back since. Their podcast, Backpacking and Blisters came to life from the back of a minivan during a return trip from Glacier National Park. Their goal was to create something entertaining, something more than what was already out there, and it's safe to say they've achieved that and much more.
Heroes Mending on the Fly Canada

WFS 527 – Heroes Mending on the Fly with Gervais Jeffrey – Project Healing...

Growing up in a small town in Quebec, Gervais was introduced to the captivating sport of fly fishing by his father. The joy and serenity he found in the gentle art of angling led him to become deeply involved in the fly fishing community, even playing a key role in establishing Heroes Mending on the Fly in 2019. This episode takes you through his journey, from his first trout caught on a fly, to his work with Project Healing Waters Canada, and the formation of Heroes Mending on the Fly.

WFS 522 – AFFTA Confluence 2023 with Lucas Bissett – IFTD, Orvis-Endorsed Guide, Conservation

Lucas Bissett joins us today to discuss the AFFTA Confluence 2023 event, providing an exciting insight into the changes it brings this year. Among the highlights is the introduction of real-time census data providing a more accurate snapshot of the industry's growth.
mayfly outdoors

WFS 518 – Mayfly Outdoors with Jeff Wagner – Airflo, Ross Reels, Abel Reels

This episode takes you on an adventure with Jeff Wagner as he reminisces about his early fishing experiences, exploring the diverse fishing opportunities Nebraska...
wild ideas worth living

WFS 514 – Wild Ideas Worth Living with Shelby Stanger – Will to Wild,...

Join us as we engage in a compelling conversation with our guest, Shelby Stanger, Host of the Podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living. Shelby shares her unique journey from being an adventure columnist at 19 to creating a podcast that grabbed the attention of REI Co-op. Her passion for storytelling and engaging in in-depth interviews led to a partnership with REI Co-op, which purchased her podcast in 2020. Shelby's love for podcasting isn't just about telling stories; it's about the conversations, the learning, and the opportunity to connect with people.
fishing rep

WFS 501 – The Fly Fishing Rep with Dick Sagara – Lefty Kreh, Jim...

Dick Sagara who is a seasoned fly fishing rep for esteemed brands in the industry, tells us how he kick-started his career and the...
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