I’ve got a special episode today to celebrate launching into season 2.  I interview John Smeraglio from the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop, share a first time on the air fireside chat with Dave and friends.

I also share a short audio clip of a intense experience after a raft dumped in one of the larger rapids on the river and my process in helping them get to shore safely.  This is the first time that we’ve had this type of show so enjoy.


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Show Notes for the Salmon Fly Trip

10:13 – Pretend the Deschutes is 30′ wide so you can focus your effort for trout.

20:00 – Best times for the trip are from May 10th through June 10th.

32:00 – Rick Hafele as the “BugWan” and the fly fishing videos John and Rick produced.

34:50 –  The story of how the Bhagwan Rajneesh took over a small Oregon town.

36:10 –  Fishing Large Western Rivers with 4 volumes.  You can check these videos at this link.

38:30 – Entomology Class presented by John in coordination with Rick Hafele.

Here’s a short video clip on running whitehorse which is the rapid that dumped the boat in this episode.

51:10 – Don’t fall down or a pig will eat you (advice from Shannon)  Here’s a clip from the movie Snatch where the dude describes how a pig would do it.

56:00 – The stimulator and prince nymph were killer patterns.


You can reach John at the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop (http://www.flyfishingdeschutes.com/) if you have any questions.





salmon fly hatch


I wanted to give a big thank you to you, John Smeraglio and my friends who were on the trip.  As you can tell from the end of this episode, I always have a good time on the river hanging with my buds.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and will look forward to moving into season 2 of the show.  If you are interested in getting the top 3 fly fishing tips from my last guest sent to you on Thursdays, click the link below:  https://wetflyswing.com/3tips

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