In today’s fly tying video I show you how to tie a Pick Yer Pocket Steelhead Fly.  This is a great pattern for summer and winter steelhead and can be fished in very diverse situations.

Tie it sparse and fish it for summers.  Push a little water or a lot, it’s all good with this fly.  Simon Gawesworth noted in episode 09 of the Fly Fishing Podcast that this style was one of his favorite patterns he uses for steelhead.


Click here to watch the Pick Yer Pocket Fly Tying Tutorial:



Fly Tying Material List

Tube Tools:  HMH Tubes

Rear Station:  Chartreuse Dubbling

Rear Collar:  Chartreuse Buck Tail, King kingfisher blue guinea, kingfisher blue grizzly

Body:  Kingfisher blue dubbing

Front Station:  Kingfisher blue bucktail, Kingfisher blue guinea, kingfisher blue grizzly

Head:  Bead chain eyes wrapped with blue dubbing


This video came from the NW Fly Tyer Expo.  I met a bunch of great people at the show including John Shewey who I interviewed in Episode 16, Dave McNeese, James from OPST and many more.

Keep a look out later for more videos that I post from the show.


pick yer pocket


Conclusion for the Pick Yer Pocket

I wanted to give a big thanks to Simon Gawesworth for inspiring this pattern and for sitting down for an hour and more to do the podcast episode.

Click here if you want to listen to the Simon Gawesworth podcast interview.

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