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589 | Casting Back in Time: The Art of Bamboo Rodmaking & Traditional Fly...

Ed Few, a distinguished craftsman of custom bamboo fly rods, shares his extraordinary journey from traditional boatmaking in England to mastering the art of fly fishing with hand-built gear. Delving into the essence of fly fishing's heritage, Ed brings to life the thrill of using bamboo rods, silk lines, and horsehair leaders, all while chasing steelhead in the Great Lakes. Listeners will be transported back in time, learning not just about the meticulous process of creating these traditional tools, but also how they can elevate their own fishing experiences. Ed's stories of craftsmanship, passion, and the pursuit of the perfect catch with historic gear promise to inspire and ignite a curiosity for the timeless art of fly fishing.
walleye fishing

GLD 05 – Walleye Fishing with Randy Gaines – Tournament Fishing, Lake Erie, Nibble...

On this episode of the Wet Fly Swing Great Lakes podcast, we're joined by tournament fisherman and lifelong angler, Randy Gaines, Captain at Nibble This Charters. With over 20 years of professional experience and multiple national tournament wins under his belt, Randy brings an ocean of knowledge and practical tips on fishing for bass and walleye in the Great Lakes. We talk about everything from the importance of understanding fishing structure to selecting the right lures and fly designs, to navigating different water conditions, and even a few fishing tales.
fishing tips

WFS 277 – Advanced Fly Fishing Tips for Steelhead with Rick Kustich

Show Notes: Presented by: Trxstle, Dette Flies, Anglers Coffee, Stonefly Nets Podcast Sponsors:  Rick Kustich is here to dig back into Steelhead fishing tips and the Great Lakes. We find out how he came to write his first book on the Great Lakes - how his "Advanced" book came to be and which word he'd remove from the title if he could change it today. We talk about some of his previous books, plus the new book he's working on focused on Spey casting.
zach williams

Swing the Fly Magazine with Zack Williams – Spey Tips, Steelhead, Clearwater River (WFS...

Show Notes: Zack Williams, who is the editor of Swing the Fly Magazine, is on the podcast to share the story of how he went from Great Lakes Steelheader to Spey Casting and Steelhead champion.  Zack and I chat about why the number of swung fly fisherman is so low but growing. 
peter charles

WFS 015 – Peter Charles Steelhead Fly Fishing Interview – Grand River, Air Flo,...

Show Notes: In episode 15 of the Fly Fishing show I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Charles from  Peter teaches steelhead fishing on the Grand River, one of the really classic and challenging Great Lakes Tributaries. Peter brings a unique perspective to steelhead fishing because of the challenges of presenting a fly to steelhead in the Grand River.  Peter talks about how to assure the fly is above their heads.  Lot's of great tips and perspective in this one from one of the best.
kevin feenstra muskegon

WFS 013 – Muskegon River Steelhead Fly Fishing Interview with Kevin Feenstra

In episode 013 of the Fly Fishing show I interviewed Kevin Feenstra, one of the first fly fisherman to start swinging flies for steelhead in the Michigan area and Great Lakes. Kevin has a guide service with a focus on the Muskegon River and covers a bunch of great topics on how he catches fish on the swing.  We get into single handed spey lines, fishing in high water and a number of other big topics.
save the boundary waters

WFS 482 – Save the Boundary Waters with Riverhorse Nakadate – Patagonia, Poetry, ToneQuest...

Join us for an awesome episode as we catch up with Riverhorse - an angler, writer, filmmaker, musician, surfer, and Patagonia Fly Fish Ambassador. Having been on our podcast twice before, we'll delve into his recent film projects with Patagonia and his other exciting ventures. We discover how you can contribute to preserving the Boundary Waters through
Fly Fishers International

WFS 478 – Fly Fishers International with Patrick Berry – Conservation, Fly Casting Instructions,...

Patrick Berry takes us into Fly Fishers International and the resources you can utilize for fishing and conservation. This is not just your ordinary fishing chat — it's an inspiring journey of passion, dedication, and making a difference.
great lakes dude

WFS 477 – Steelhead School 2023 with Jeff Liskay – Spey Casting, Steelhead Alley,...

Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into Steelhead Alley this year with some bonuses and a big trip! We talk about what you can expect for that trip to Steelhead Alley with me, Jeff Liskay, Rick Kustich, and a bunch of other anglers, and why you should be excited about it!

WFS 476 – Modern Spey Fishing with Rick Kustich – Steelhead Alley, Spey Nation,...

The one and only Rick Kustich is ready to blow our minds today with all things modern spey fishing and some exciting updates, including...
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