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green rat

How to Tie a Green Rat Atlantic Salmon Fly Pattern | Fly Tying Tutorial...

In todays fly tying video I show you how to tie the Green Rat.  This pattern was tied originally by Warren Duncan for Atlantic...
max canyon

How to Tie a Max Canyon – Fly Tying Tutorial

In this video tutorial I show you how to tie the Max Canyon (aka Macks Canyon).  This summer steelhead pattern was invented by my...
barney wong

WFS 028 – Good, Bad and Ugly of Spey Lines – Barney Wong, Fly...

Show Notes: I had Barney Wong on the show to go in depth on spey lines and the challenge of identifying the actual sinking rates. We discussed an experiment we conducted on the river and how the outcome might surprise you. Barney tells his story of how he dropped everything to move out to the northwest to chase steelhead and a job in a local fly shop.
hackled skip nymph

The Hackled Skip Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial [Video]

In todays fly tying video I show you how to tie the Hackled Skip Nymph, a great callibaetis nymph and also a great nymph...
tim rawlins line speed jedi

WFS 27 – The Line Speed Jedi – Tim Rawlins Interview | Spey Casting,...

Show Notes: I was finally able to sit down and have a conversation with Tim Rawlins from Line Speed Jedi dot com.  Tim has been documenting his spey casting journey on his youtube channel and website. Tim not only breaks out some amazing resources for those interested in spey casting but shares some crazy Alaskan stories from his time flying bush planes.  I'm excited to get into this one so let's jump in and get er done.
royal coachman

The Royal Coachman Bucktail Fly Tying Video

In todays fly tying video I show you how to tie a Royal Coachman Bucktail.  This pattern was taken from the book, The Half-Pounder...
gene hering

WFS 23 – 35 Years of Fishing Video Production – Gene Hering Interview from...

Show Notes: Gene Hering shares some history in fly fishing from his experience producing fishing videos over the last 35 plus years.  He talks about how he got into it all with broadcast news and how that evolved into his personal brand. He has produced videos for some of the biggest names in fly fishing including over 40 steelhead videos.
matt klara

WFS 021 – Single Hand Spey Interview with Matt Klara | Fly Fishing, Yellowstone,... I had the pleasure of talking with Matt Klara who has been around the spey game for quite a while now.  Matt breaks down single handed spey casting and how you can and should get started on it. We talk about Big Sky Anglers, fishing for trout with a 7 wt, Sexy Loops and how he grew up on the Madison spending his summers living out of a camper.  Don't miss this one as Matt shares his huge tip on a video that is incredible in describing how to "fish" a sinking line for steelhead.
spey flies and dee flies

How to Tie a Spey Fly and Dee Fly with Jason Miller [Video Tutorial]

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Jason Miller at the Albany Fly Tying Expo this year.  I filmed him...

Consulting and Coaching

  Are you new to steelhead and not sure where to start?  Maybe you are heading to a new river for the first time and...
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