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4 Resources on Anchor Placement for Spey Casting

In regards to spey casting, does this sound familiar at all: "Sometimes I get a nice spey cast out there but about half the time...
spey rod

Why I turned to the Dark Side and now use a Spey Rod

  I was on the Babine River for the 1st time in my life. Tyler, Randy, Shannon and I were dropping into the canyon for...
fly fishing knots

10 Fly Fishing Knots You Need to Know

You just hook a fish of a lifetime!  It’s running like crazy and then makes an amazing jump, lands in a crazy splash, and...

Tip of the Day – Fly Rod Tip Angle

When you first feel the hit of a swung fly from a steelhead, you’d better have your fly rod ready. No, seriously, you need...
spey casting

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – The Spey Casting Lift

Do you ever find yourself in a position where there is great water that you want to fish, but there is some big obstruction...
lead the fly

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – Lead the Fly

  Have you ever thought about what your fly looks like to a fish under water? Yeah, I know…. we all have. But, have you...
fly line

2 Sick Reasons to Clean Your Fly Line

Yes, Sick.  I can throw that out there now because I've had quite the embarrassing week...... and to be honest, Sick just sounds about right. I just...
epic fly fishing

An Epic Fly Fishing Round-Up

After a few months now making connections with many amazing people online and offline, I’m ready to post an article that pays respect to...

Welcome to Wet Fly Swing

Why should Wet Fly Swing be one of your main online resources for steelhead fly fishing? Let me take you on a journey to clarify and...
mending the line

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – Mending the Line

When I started out swinging flies with a spey rod, my cast wasn’t great.  In fact, it pretty much sucked.  But, because mending the...
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