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fly rod history

The History of Fly Rods in the 20th Century

Do you know your fly rod history in the last 100 years?  Yeah, I didn't either.  But I listened to a great podcast recently...
flash fly

The Flash Fly Fly Tying Tutorial [Video]

I show you how to tie the flash fly in todays fly tying tutorial video.  The flash fly is a great summer or winter...
wet fly fishing

7 Easy Wet Fly Fishing Tips – A Perfect Technique for the Beginner

Wet fly fishing on rivers may seem a little old school to some in the fly fishing world.  You know, the wet fly swing? ...
Green-Butt Skunk Dark

How to Tie the Green-Butt Skunk Dark

I show you how to tie the Green-Butt Skunk Dark in today's fly tying tutorial.  The green butt is a classic steelhead fly and...
spey casting tips

Spey Casting Tips, Analogies and the White Mouse

When was the last time you listened to a podcast or interview that really moved you to do something?  Maybe it was a video...
struggle as dad

Do You Struggle as a Dad

Fuck!  I struggle as a dad! I love my kids more than anything, there's no question about that. But, there are times when I just suck...
Fly Tying Instructions for Beginners

Fly Tying Instructions for Beginners – The Fly Tying Mentor

It's kind of crazy I haven't written this blog post yet.  After creating The Fly Tying Mentor which is essentially Fly Tying Instructions for...


About Hi, I’m Dave. I have been in those steelhead runs for hours on end waiting for the first pull of a powerful fish.  That first...
glo bug

Tying a Glo Bug

  There are many different types of egg patterns out there but none as simple and effective as a Glo Bug.  I demonstrate how to...
bow to the fish

Fly Fishing Tip of the Day – Bow to the Fish

One of the easiest ways to loose a fish is to get so excited that you pull the fly right out of the fish's...
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