Fly Tying Mentor Subscription Plans


You can subscribe to the Fly Tying Mentor from here through our protected Gumroad payment processor.  There are 3 options to choose from listed below.   We offer $9.99, $19.99 and $29.99 plans to suit your needs.

If you have questions, click here and I’ll get back to you.


Option 1:   $9.99 per month for all of the course material each month, private tying group and one on one access to me for help during your journey.  Just click on the link below to get started.

Instant Access Here $9.99/mo

Option 2:  $19.99 includes everything in 1 above and you get the fly material box delivered to your door for the flies we tie each month.

Instant Access Here $19.99/mo

Option 3:  If you need Fly Tying Tools as well to get started (includes vise, scissors, bobbin, thread and other tools) then click the button below and you will be charged a one time fee of $29.99.  After the first month, you will go back to $19.99 per month with material deliveries.

Instant Access Here $29.99 (then $19.99/mo)