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As a member of the Wet Fly Swing Members Society you will get access to products, contents and benefits exclusive to our supporting members.  Joining the members society is a low cost way to support the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and get a bunch of bonuses.

I didn’t want to create something that was just a way of donating to the show but a way that you can get a ton of bonus content relating to the podcast.  The companies we endorse are all local super cool companies that are doing the right thing.

Here’s what you get access to if you join the Members Society

Access to $150 in Books, Courses, Videos and more……

Access to over 20 companies and growing including:

  • Moonshine Rods
  • Breakline Optics
  • Frog Hair Fishing
  • Vedavoo Fly Fishing
  • Brooks Fishing Equipment
  • True Fly Supply
  • Rent this Rod
  • Grab Flies
  • Taylor Fly Fishing
  • Rock Treads
  • Line Speed Jedi
  • Fly Craft Angling
  • Fly Trap
  • Ty-Rite Co-op
  • Piscator Flies
  • Thermowade
  • The Grey Drake
  • Fly Tyers Dungeon
  • Maxxon Outdoors
  • Drift
  • Fly Craft B
  • A. Fly Fishing
  • Sagebrush Dry Gear


Ebooks, Videos and Bonuses Included

Fly Fishing Quick Tips for Steelhead by Dave Stewart – $20 value

Fly Tying Course for Beginners (8 week video training) – $80 value

Line Speed Jedi Online Spey Casting Critique ($35)

Piscator Flies Fly Tying Bonus Video ($15)


Supporting The Show At $1 Per Episode

The Wet Fly Swing Podcast will always be free.  This members group is the best way to support the show and grab some huge bonuses along the way.  For $5 per month (or a one time payment of $50 for the year) you get exclusive access to the companies that are recommended by the Wet Fly Swing Podcast community.

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