Hey, I’m Dave.  The founder of WetFlySwing.com.

Steelhead fly fishing, online business and connecting with people just like you.

ok, ok, I know.  This isn’t about me – It’s really about you, so why don’t you share with me one thing you would like to accomplish in fly fishing this year.  Or maybe one thing you already accomplished this year?  Leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

So there you have it.  One dude, with a dream to build something special.   A dream to leave the 9-5 by creating something of my own.  Something that I share with you.  I have a passion for steelhead fishing and hope enough will rub off on you so you give it a shot.

I know you will love it.  If you don’t want to leave a comment, but would like additional tips delivered to your inbox – Just click the button below.


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I'm Dave Stewart, a passionate fly-tying mentor, course teacher and writer. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, go hard, challenge myself and explore the world.


    • Thanks a bunch. I will be increasing and improving the fly tying segments as I go through the rest of this year. My ultimate goal is to have a fly tying course. Before I get there, I need to get feedback from everyone in the community who is interested. Not sure if you are on the beta tying list, but let me know if not and I’ll add you. You can get free content and help guide the development and content for the course. Should be fun!