Kevin McKay is here to talk about Maine fly fishing and give a tour of some of the best brook trout and smallmouth bass fishing in the country. We discover how to fish the West Branch for big brook trout. We hear about which streamer you should be using if you only have one. We get a ton of resources including fly shops and other websites. We also talk about the forums that Kevin runs on his website.

We’re going to dig into all these and cover a number of species on top of brook trout. We even find out how they’ve been living off the grid for six years and how and why they offer free lodging in their camp on the river.

Maine Fly Fishing with Kevin McKay. Hit play below!

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Maine Fly Fishing

Maine Fly Fishing Show Notes with Kevin McKay

03:28 – Kevin tells how he got into fly fishing. The first fly rod he bought was from L.L.Bean.

5:44 – He shares the story of his very first experience of fly fishing.

7:02 – He shares why he started his websites and

9:21 – He feels honored to be part of the Scott Fly Rods Pro Staff.

9:54 – He shares about his career aside from fly fishing.

10:39 – He mentions that his photos and website are in Bob Clouser’s book on smallmouth.

Maine Fly Fishing
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12:34 – He says the two people who influenced him on fly fishing.

13:52 – He walks us through the meticulous process of getting a guide’s license in Maine.


14:44 – I try to answer a “Lost Person” scenario which is also part of getting a guide’s license.

19:01 – I ask about the restrictions on hunting in Maine.

19:54 – He tells that a lot of people in Maine get a guide’s license as a prestige thing.

22:29 – We dig into what he does in Maine and his place being off the grid.

26:00 – He talks about the species he is focusing on.

28:58 – He shares his technique for hitting a landlocked Atlantic salmon.

Maine Fly Fishing
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32:42 – He tells the best times to fish in Maine.

33:55 – He shares a story of their trip to a remote pond with his dad where they caught a 19-inch brook trout.

41:15 – He tells where to go to catch some brook trout.

42:48 – He recommends some resources for people who want to fly fish in Maine. These include his website and fly shops in Maine.

45:42 – He talks about the main fly shops in Maine.

48:50 – We dig into the gear to hopefully hit a brook trout.

50:31 – I mention our episode with George Cook where he talked about chinook in Alaska.

51:21 – I ask him about the sink tip they use. He mentions the Airflo Kelly Galloup streamer line which is his new favorite.

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53:09 – He talks about the chubs which the brook trout eat. He also shares that time when a brook trout bit his hand.

54:25 – We dig into his fly fishing style and the techniques he teaches his clients.

58:28 – I ask him about the best times to fish in the West Branch.

1:00:08 – He recommends some places to stay in the West Branch area. These include the Big Eddy Cabins and Campground and the Big Moose Inn.

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1:03:51 – He talks about the brook trout in Labrador, Canada.

1:05:15 – He gives tips on fishing in Maine.

1:08:35 – He talks about his fly fishing podcast entitled On The Reel.

1:13:21 – We dig into his off-the-grid.

1:17:09 – He describes his place and his tiki bar.

1:19:58 – He talks about their electricity consumption with living off the grid.

1:22:25 – We do the Two-Minute Drill where I ask him about fishing for brook trout, reliable resources for fly fishing, conservation issue, and budgeting tips. Aside from his website, he recommends Maine IF&W as a resource.

Maine Fly Fishing
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1:25:52 – I ask him about the property value in Maine.

You can find Maine Fly Fish on Instagram @MaineFlyFish

Facebook @MaineFlyFish

YouTube at Maine Fishing Adventures

Visit their websites at and

Maine Fly Fishing

Maine Fly Fishing

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Maine Fly Fishing

Maine Fly Fishing Conclusion with Kevin McKay

Kevin McKay certainly knows his stuff when it comes to fly fishing in Maine! He has some great advice – “Fish for everything. Learn to nymph. Learn to throw a streamer because that it makes you a better fisherman.”

If you’re looking for an expert to learn from, Kevin is definitely the one to reach out to. Head into Maine and connect with him to learn more about his style and techniques. With his expertise and guidance, you’re sure to become a better fisherman in no time!