I sat down with Ron Lauzon from TheFlyFishingInstructor.com on the Clackamas River recently to talk casting, fishing and a little steelhead fly fishing history.  Ron gives us a ton of great nuggets in this audio interview, including the 5 essentials of every cast, fly fishing fallacies and the the passion of steelhead.

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I wanted to give Ron a big thanks for spending some time on the river to provide a bunch of great fly fishing tips and information.  Leave a comment below if you found this audio interview useful and like the style.  If you want to reach Ron directly, just stop by his website at theflyfishinginstructor.com to connect with him directly.

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I'm Dave Stewart, a passionate fly-tying mentor, course teacher and writer. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, go hard, challenge myself and explore the world.


  1. Thanks Dave for the opportunity to assist you in your personal quest to be an entrepreneur on the internet in helping people to be informed about the resources to learn about and to enjoy the journey of the sport of fly fishing.
    Keep your drive and initiative going strong, and you will make it happen.
    Sincerely, Ron Lauzon, Professional Fly Fishing Instructor, FFF Certified / Guide & Outfitter.

    • Thanks Ron! It was great to spend a little time catching up on things. One of the greatest pieces to this new journey, is connecting with people. This is huge. Not only am I connecting to new friends in the online space, I’m connecting to old ones in fly fishing, old friends of the family. I’m telling a story about one of my passions. And I know that this resonates with people. Your interview will help a lot of people out there – It already helped me.

  2. Congratulations on your first live interview Dave!
    I got some good tips from Ron that doesn’t have anything to do with Fly Fishing that I can relate to the Fitness Industry. His approach to not just cater to his new clients wants but to instruct them in his system, since he is the expert was really nice to hear.

    • Thanks Buddy! Yeah, I can already tell you that after my first interview, that I love this medium. I love connecting with people and there is no better way that this. I hope that this enjoyment and passion comes out in my interviews. I’m excited for the next one and excited to turn this into a podcast. I’ve got another great spey fisherman on tap for the next one.

  3. I prefer maolfinoment over fluorocarbon hands down. This is just my personal opinion though, others may be biased towards one vs the other. I think mono is more versatile. For bream, I think 8 pound test would be a little much for a panfish. I use 2-4 pound test for trout, and 6-10 pound for bigger catfish.I would go with 2-4 pound test if your only targeting bream. If you hook into a catfish set your drag right and you shouldnt have any problem at all bringing it in.Good luck fishing.-Pa