I show you how to tie a Frenchie Nymph in today’s fly tying video.  The Frenchie is a versatile nymph that can be tied in multiple colors using UV dub.

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Materials for the Frenchie Nymph

Hook:  Daiichii #1560 Size #12

Bead:  1/8″ Brass Bead

Thread:  Orange Uni-thread

Tail:  Grizzly Hackle (stiff)

Rib:  Medium Copper Wire

Body:  Pheasant Tail

Thorax:  Orange UV Dub


Show Notes

Here is the link to the tasty IPA I enjoyed while tying this pattern:  Union Jack

The tune was provided by Ben Sound Music.

Here is a video for a lightning bug, a similar pattern to the Frenchie tied by Tim at Trout and Feather.

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