Fly Tying Start Here


This page is dedicated to you if your main focus is fly tying.  I’ll walk you through a short step x step guide so you know how best to utilize the site.

The best way to get started if you are brand new is to sign up for the monthly fly tying webinar click this link ===>>> Fly Tying Webinar

(This webinar will walk you through the steps to getting started if you have nothing or very little for tools or materials)



If you would like to skip right ahead and join the fly tying course that covers everything you need including materials delivered to your door, click the link below.

Click here if you are new to fly tying ===>>  Fly Tying Mentor

This course walks you through the basics from Zero to tying your first basics flies in all fly tying categories.



If you haven’t joined the fly tying challenge and need a few tips and a good kick in the butt to tie more often then click below:

Click here for the challenge ===>>  30 Day Fly Tying Challenge

I provide an email every day for a month with a tip and/or video and a fly per day.  Great for beginners and experts alike.



If you want to check out some of my videos you can click here and search on youtube:

Click here for Youtube videos  ===>> Youtube videos


Come back to this page occasionally to look for updates or to reach back out to me if you have questions or comments.

Thanks and enjoy a nice beverage for me while you are tying your next fly.