I need your help this week to keep the Fly Fishing Show Launch going strong!

I need you to leave a review on itunes that shows your support for the show.

[And the sweetener —> If you leave a review you’ll be entered to win a new Wet Fly Swing Hoodie and a membership to the new steelhead fly tying course.]

Leave a review on itunes and win a hoodie and membership to the steelhead course!



(Click here if you don’t know how to leave a review on itunes)


Wet Fly Swing Hoodie

wet fly swing hoodie

You get this awesome Wet Fly Swing Hoodie that helps to show support and is perfect for those cool winter days on the river.


SFTC – Steelhead Fly Tying Course

The new steelhead fly tying course will deliver online step x step video instruction to tie all types of steelhead flies and fly tying materials delivered to your door.

Click here to learn more

This is a $30 per month value that you get for 4 months for free ($120 value if you are taking notes)


Here’s How to Win

Just click here and leave a review on itunes.  Then, take a screen shot of your review and email it to me here:  thewetflyswing@gmail.com.

(follow these directions if you haven’t left an itunues review before)

In the subject line of your email write:  itune review


That’s all there is to it.  You show support for the fly fishing show and get a chance to win these two awesome prizes!