I tie the Fish Taco steelhead fly in todays fly tying video.  The Fish Taco was created by Jeff Hickman and has become a popular pattern because of it’s simplicity and sparseness.

Watch this somewhat flashy and somewhat sparse taco and then follow along below for all of the links and show notes.


Click Here to watch the Fish Taco video:


Show Notes for the Fish Taco Video

Here’s the link where Peter Charles talks about tying the materials on top to create the egg shaped tube so your fly rides straight:  Peter Charles Tube Fly – Swim Upright

Here’s the other link I noted in this video on the history of the fish taco and how it came to be:  The Fish Taco History by Jeff Hickman


Fish Taco Material List

Tube:  Large Clear Flexitube from Pro Tube

Thread:  Black Ultra thread 70 Denier

Butt:  Estaz Opal Light Pink

Body:  Black yarn

Palmer:  Black Hackle

Rib:  Silver Medium Oval Tinsel

Collar:  Black Ostrich, Purple and Blue Flashabou,

Blue Grizzle hackle

Wing:  Black Krystal Flash

Front Hackle:  Blue Grizzle Hackle

Hotspot:  Red Ultra Thread 70 Denier


You can take a look at the link above to get a little more of the history of the Fish Taco.  But in a short summary, Jeff Hickman likes this pattern unweighted because it works great in the inside seam water.

You know, when swinging into the slower water, this fly will not hang up.  Yet, it still has a very large profile to elicit a good strike.


The pattern I tie her is a little heavier dressed with flash than the original so would be a great fly for a little heavier and dirtier water.


fish taco


Fish Taco Conclusion

I hoped you enjoyed that variation of the fish taco.  As noted in the video, this is a slight variation of the original because it is tied a little heavier with flash.

So, when you need that sparse and super flashy fly, this taco is the one to use.  Squeeze a little lime on it and dig in!  Wait, crap, now I’m getting hungry.

Thanks Jeff!


If you would like to get ahold of the 30 Fly Tying Tips PDF Quick Guide that includes 30 tips to improve your fly tying then click on the link below: