This map will help you find local fly fishing resources in your area.  If you are travelling to a new area, Zoom in or click the link in the upper left to find a local Fly Fishing Shop in your area.

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If you are a local fly shop or guide and would like to be added to the map, contact me here and I will make sure to connect you with the community.

Although my goal is to have the ultimate only fly fishing resource for you, I understand that connecting with local fly shop, guides and other fisherman in your area is critical.  My goal is for you to become a better fisherman.  I want you to feel the thrill of having a big fish day.



  1. Hi Angie, Happy New Year! I hope you had a great new year celebration. Rainbow trout looks rellay good. Though the eye of the trout seems like it want to say something. It is a beautiful dish!