steelhead flies
I've had many steelhead guests on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast who have told me that steelhead flies and the fly pattern you select for steelhead is not of critical importance. More important are likely the presentation of the fly, the line you use, and whether you are getting down to the fish.  I have many podcast episodes and blog...
steelhead fly fishing
There’s something about the repetition of waiting for that first tug on the fly line. Of the power of that pull and excitement of trying not to lose a downstream screaming fish.  It's like being on a skateboard, tied to your friend's bike and he's going as fast as possible.  You are a little too afraid to touch anything...
fly fishing for trout
Our first ever guest post for the Steelhead Success Story Series comes, appropriately from, my dad.  He has a great story about fly fishing for trout and a lesson learned about fly choice and technique.  Doug Stewart also has a blog at If you want to listen to the interview I did with him just click here and enjoy. He...
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