Why should Wet Fly Swing be one of your main online resources for steelhead fly fishing? Let me take you on a journey to clarify and answer that question. I understand how difficult steelhead fly fishing can be. I’ve been there. On the super hot side and super cold side of steelheading. You will better understand the mindset by connecting with me...
  Hey,  We've already launched the site and are deep into providing a bunch of new tools.  Click on the button below to find out what's next on tap for your steelhead journey. Click Here to Subscribe Just click on this link if you have a question, comment or suggestion.   I will respond to all questions and comments during the launch...
  Current Survey - A Short Fly Tying Survey Click here to take the 30 second survey   I wanted to create a single page that houses all of the future surveys that I will be conducting at the site.  Surveys are a great way to find out what you want.  My biggest goal now is to serve you and provide content that is...
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