This is a quick solo episode for the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and what we have coming for 2021.  We also touch on 2020 and how the year went.  We grew by over 60% because of you so wanted to thank you here.

I also share the focus for 2021 given that we will not change any of the posting schedule, a new show will still drop every Tuesday.  We are also doing some big giveaways in 2021 that are going to be huge and provide a ton of excitement for the Wet Fly Swing Team.


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2021 wet fly swing

Sponsors and Podcast Updates



Show Notes for the 2021 Wet Fly Swing Podcast

05:30 – I noted the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and the big giveaways we have going.  Stay tuned as I’ll update you as we launch into the year.

06:06 – The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast and the Jay Abraham episode that was huge.

08:20 – The Wet Fly Swing Team and Wet Fly Swing Media is two other bigs things this year.  If you want to join the team reach out to

10:12 – The Wet Fly Swing app is one way to listen and grab bonus content.


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2021 wet fly swing

Conclusion for the 2021 Wet Fly Swing Podcast

I do a quick summary of 2020 and talk about what is coming for 2021.  We will be surpassing 1 million downloads and 200 episodes in 2021.  I also note the new position we are looking to fill in 2021.

If you have an idea for the podcast, want to join the team or just have feedback please connect with me in 2021.  If you have never said hey or dropped me a message, please do this year.  It makes my day better every time!